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What Are The Different Boat Storage Options?

If you have a boat, there will likely come a moment when you need to store it. It is often stored during times when the weather is cold and you won't be using it for a few months. The following options give you a place to store the boat in a secure location where it won't get damaged.

Self-Storage Unit

Many storage facilities provide ground level units specifically for large vehicles and boats. Contact local storage facilities like Ventu Storage Center to find out if they offer boat storage facilities. These facilities are ideal because the boat will be secure and locked up, as well as easy to access. Another benefit is that storage facilities often provide climate control, which can help prevent pests that are drawn to high humidity, and keep the boat from getting damaged due to extreme heat or cold temperatures. Boats do best when stored in a cool, dry environment.           


A convenient option for storing your boat throughout the year is at the marina. This makes it easy to drive the boat directly from the marina to the water and set sail. However, this can also be a more expensive option. You will need to rent or buy a slip at the local marina, and get transportation there every time you want to take the boat out. If you don't use the boat often, this might not be the most economical way to go. Also keep in mind that the boat might not be protected from the elements during the winter season, as it is exposed in the marina.

Boat Trailer

If you have enough room on your own property, consider storing the boat on a boat trailer. Of course, this is only useful if you don't live somewhere that gets ice-cold temperatures. You don't want to leave the boat out on a trailer if you get a lot of snow and below-freezing temperatures during the winter. However, if you live somewhere with a mild climate, storing it on a trailer is often the best option. It keeps it close by, gives you more opportunity for maintaining and securing it, and is less expensive than other storage options.

Consider how often you use the boat, how secure you need to keep it, and what your budget is when deciding which of these storage options will work best. The self-storage unit is best when you won't use it for several months, trailer storage is good when you want to save money, and marina storage is best for people who go boating often.