Exploring Packing and Moving Tips

When Two Become One - Moving Tips For Those Tying The Knot

If you are engaged to become married in the near future and you currently live apart from your spouse-to-be, you are most likely involved in a whirlwind of wedding planning tasks. This can be a stressful time as several pieces will need to come together at an escalating pace until the big day arrives. Since you will soon be sharing a home, you need to start packing your belongings in anticipation of moving. Here are some tips you can use to make your move a bit easier.

Prepare A Moving List

Make a list of all appliances and electronics you have in your possession. Have your spouse do the same. Sit down together to compare the lists. If there are duplicates of an item, select one to be moved. The other one can be placed in storage or given away. Taking the time to assess your belongings will ensure you do not move more than you need to.

Keep wedding gifts in mind as you prepare this list. If you are positive you will be receiving a large-ticket item to replace an older one, write it down on the bottom of the list so it is factored into your moving plan.

Rent A Storage Unit

When you are involved in moving two people's belongings, especially at the same time a wedding is being planned, renting a storage unit may be a huge benefit. Rent the unit near the new home you will both be sharing and place items you do not use regularly inside when you have a free hour away from work or wedding plans. This will save you time in moving the items when the wedding date gets close and will give you a sense of control of your items as you will not be frivolously giving them away just to get them out of your way.

Hold A Packing Party

Friends who offer assistance with wedding planning may come in handy if you utilize them to help you pack for your move. Once you have your items consolidated, have your helpers meet you at your home for a packing party. Have an abundance of packing peanuts, tape, boxes and labels available and have your friends neatly package your belongings in anticipation of the moving company's arrival. This can be a great time to reminisce about your single days and celebrate the new endeavor you are embarking. Consider having your spouse-to-be do the same sort of party at their home with their own friends.

Compromise And Have Fun

One of the best parts about moving in together is the excitement in fusing your belongings together to create a unique style in your new home. Have fun with the move while being ready to compromise. If your spouse wants to keep an ugly table or enjoys the color orange, you may need to grit your teeth and think of ways to incorporate these designs into your room plans. Each person should also be allowed to have a bit of space they can call their own within the new home. This may be the spot to place your spouse-to-be's undesirable items. For more help, contact some local movers, such as Island Movers.