Exploring Packing and Moving Tips

Three Options For Moving Large Items To A New Location

When you are in the process of moving, it can be challenging to figure out what to do with overweight and oversized items. Very heavy or cumbersome items, such as large furniture, pianos, and pool tables, may require additional movers to get them to your destination. At the same time, oddly-shaped items can take up a lot of your moving van, and be vulnerable to damage if they're not packed correctly. Fortunately, there are several solutions for balancing convenience, safety, and cost in moving these items.

Work With Your Moving Company

Hiring household moving services may make the most sense if you also have other items to deliver. Sticking with your average moving company can streamline the process of dealing with multiple people, and there are some options that can make this process cost less money.

For one, if you have a heavy item, your moving company might need to bring on additional movers. They calculate the number of people needed based on the weight of the heaviest items. You might want to schedule your move in stages, using a larger number of movers during the heavy items phase, and then having a smaller number of movers stick around before and after the large items are moved in order to move the smaller items.

Hire a Bulk Mover

Another option is to hire a bulk or freight company to transport your large items. Since these companies are used to dealing with larger items, they will certainly have the right moving equipment both for lifting your item and for keeping it in place on the truck. These companies tend to charge based on the weight of single items and the distance traveled.

Use a Specialty Service

Depending on your item, you might find that a specialty service is the best choice. For instance, some companies specialize in piano moving and taking care of sensitive musical instruments; they will have expertise in keeping these fragile pieces safe from temperature changes and other pressure points. A piano moving service may also have special moving cases to contour the piano and help avoid scratches during the move.

For things like pool tables, you might want to consult a specialist mover to dissemble the item before your move so that you can incorporate it into your regular moving schedule.

Each of these three options has its merit. If you are transporting your smaller items through an alternate means, such as in your personal car or by flight, then it may make sense to go through a bulk or specialized shipping center. Otherwise, there are ways that a household moving company like Caccamise Moving & Storage Co can accommodate you to move the item in a cost-effective way.