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Spring Cleaning Your Small Business To Help It Bloom

As you shake off the winter and head into the new year, it's a good time to take stock of the status of your small business and get ready for the future with positive changes. Think of it as a bit of "spring cleaning" for your office. Not sure where to start? Here are 5 easy ways any owner can spring clean a business.

Go Through Inventory

With the old year under your belt, it's a good time to assess your inventory and products. Consider sorting your inventory into categories of the most profitable or productive to the least. Then, ditch the least effective products so you can focus on what works for the coming year. 

Throw Out the Old

Along with determining what part of your inventory, services or products aren't working, take the time to assess what unused items are taking up valuable space in the office or storage. Get rid of equipment that doesn't work, outdated computers or technology and old documents. If you have a lot of sensitive materials, consider hiring a shredding service for the project so as to avoid wasting valuable time. 

Clean out the Digital Works

Just like your physical office, your digital presence could probably use some cleanup. Go through email inboxes and purge unneeded or outdated emails. Organize what's left into folders or archives. Likewise, sort through your directories and get rid of unnecessary file clutter. Increase efficiency and reduce waste by outlining a digital storage system that everyone can understand and use company-wide. 

Organize, Organize, Organize

Now that you've assessed your inventory and office -- and you've purged things that you don't need -- take time to organize what's left. Consider how you could store your inventory better? If you have shelves overflowing with items, for example, even a simple plastic storage bin system will likely increase your efficiency for just a little investment. If you need to organize the office area and can't get rid of all paperwork, avoid relying on flimsy cardboard boxes. Clear plastic totes will help you store and stack safely while still being able to know what you have inside. When planning a storage system, think about the future and your growth plans. 

Look Ahead

Whether you've finished a huge cleanup or simply tidied up the office, you can prepare mentally for the coming year. Gather your employees together and discuss your plans and goals for the future. It's a good time to reflect on what you've already accomplished and where you want to be headed. This way, your entire company is on the same page and ready to help chip in to reach collective goals. 

By following even one or two of these spring cleaning suggestions, you can freshen up not only your physical office but also your mental and emotional perspectives as you head into the new year.