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3 Things You Can Do To Keep You Belongings Safe While In Storage

Many people choose to put their belongings in a storage unit. In some cases it is the safest and easiest way to store your things while moving, or when you need extra space in the house. However, if you choose to use a storage unit it is very important that you take extra measures to ensure that you belongings are properly stored. Otherwise your things could become damaged. Here are some things you need to know.

1. Polish

When dealing with furniture that is wood or leather it is important that you polish the surfaces before you put it in storage units. For example, wood is very susceptible to moisture and temperature changes. In fact, the wood will shrink or expand depending on the humidity. Putting a fresh coat of polish on the wood before you store it will help to hold the wood together. The polish will act like a shield and barrier between the moisture or dryness in the air that could damage the wood. This is the same for leather. Leather can rip and break just like wood can. Luckily, there are special polishes for leather that will hold it together.

If you keep your things in the storage unit for a very long time, you may need to polish them again as the polish wears off.

2. Elevate

Another important thing is to keep furniture and precious things off the ground. The ground is the most susceptible to temperature change. It will get cold and hot when the weather outside changes, and these changes could damage your things. In addition, the ground can hold moisture and could actually mold your things. This is why you should try elevating your belongings. Get cinder blocks and prop things up. This will allow air to pass through the bottom of the furniture so that there is no mold.

3. Cover

Lastly, you should cover all of the furniture. This doesn't mean you should use plastic or other tight coverings. This could actually damage it. Instead, you need to cover the furniture with a sheet or a piece of fabric. This will allow oxygen to pass through and keep the furniture in good shape, while still protecting your things from collecting dust and dirt. Boxes and other items that are already projected don't need to be covered, but any toys, furniture, or items that are without a box should have a sheet put over them.

By doing these things you  an protect your belongings from becoming damaged while in storage. Contact a storage facility, like South Town Storage, for more help.