Exploring Packing and Moving Tips

Nothing Left Behind: Important Things To Remember Before You Move

Relocating can be a challenging process, but proper planning, organization, and cleaning can make it a bit easier. You may already understand the struggles involved with your move, so you may forget important errands, belongings, and documents. If you are starting the moving process, make sure to use these tips to avoid forgetting necessities and leaving important items behind.

Run Errands

If you are like most individuals, you run multiple errands around town during the week. The dry cleaners, post office, gym, and the library are common stops while running errands, so you should make sure to visit these places before your move.

Make sure to pick up any remaining dry cleaning and mail that you may have ready. Also, cancel the membership to your local gym and grab any belongings you may have stored in the locker room. Lastly, turn in any rented items, such as library books or movie rentals.

Running these simple errands before your move will ensure nothing gets left behind. This is even more important if you are moving to a completely new city or state.

Handle Paperwork

Technology has allowed us to send and receive documents and information through email, text, and fax, but certain personal, financial, and medical documents cannot be transmitted. Unfortunately, many people forget to ask for copies of important paperwork before their move. This can be challenging if you need to enroll your children in a new school or are purchasing a new residence that will require income verification and statements.

Before your move, ask for medical, dental, and vision records for each member of your family. Records should include vaccinations, since you will need this document to enroll your children into school. Make sure you have prescriptions filled and transferred to a pharmacy near your new residence, as well.

Ask your children's school if they can send records to the new school, but you should also ask for a hard copy just in case. 

You should also notify your bank of your upcoming move and ask them to suggest a branch near your new residence.

Hide and Seek

Movers may pack and transport your belongings, but they do not search the home for things you may have forgotten. Since many homeowners hide valuables and secretive items in and around their home, you may need to check your home for these belongings.

Check the attic for forgotten items. Also, make sure to clean out cabinets and drawers that you believe are not used. In many cases, you or another family member may have stored items in these unused, uncommon areas of your home.

By walking around the house and searching in detail for possible hidden items, you will make sure nothing is left behind. 

Planning weeks and months ahead of your move is smart to reduce stress. With these tips to help prepare for your move, you can ensure nothing is left behind.