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Three Reasons Why You Should Still Hire Piano Movers When You Move an Upright Piano

When you think about piano movers and moving pianos, you probably picture a couple of big, burly guys lifting a grand piano or baby grand up and out of a space. You may even envision the old cartoon scene of hoisting a piano in or out of a window that is several stories up. While it is certainly a necessity to hire piano movers for these massive (and often very expensive!) types of pianos, the truth is, you should hire piano movers to move upright pianos too. Here is why.

The Sound Boards in Uprights Are Just as Easily Damaged

The sound board in a grand piano resonates through the bottom of the piano, but the sound board in an upright piano is more or less the entire box that holds the strings and keys. The resonating sound in an upright relies entirely on the whole box structure. If this box structure is damaged or dented, the piano will not sound right. Do not let the size of an upright piano fool you either—these pianos are heavy enough to bang and crash into things just as easily as grand pianos. That means that they can be just as easily damaged in a move.

Upright Pianos Are Heavy

Many uprights come with wheels or casters on the legs. While this simplifies how you move them within a space, the wheels and casters should not be viewed as the solution to moving your upright. Upright pianos are very heavy, and depending on the type of wood used, they may be almost as heavy as baby-grand pianos. Imagine trying to move that up or down a flight of steps, and pray you do not let the piano slip or drop. You need the piano dollies and muscle that comes with hiring piano movers.

The Piano Movers Wrap and Protect All Pianos the Same Way

A piano is a major investment, even if you buy one second-hand. You, as well as the piano movers, want to protect that investment so it plays and sounds well for years to come. Moving a piano like it is just another piece of furniture puts it in harm's way on the truck. Anything can slide into it, fall down and crash onto it, or damage it in some other way. The piano movers treat an upright with the same respect as its grand cousins by wrapping the legs, keyboard, and box with foam, bubble wrap, and moving blankets so it stays safe and unmarred all the way to your new home.

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