How To Properly Plan A Commercial Move

There may come a time when you will want to move your business from one place to the next. You never know how overwhelming a move can be until you're actually in the process of doing it. A commercial move can be tricky, but it is possible to pull it off. Here are some of the most important things you need to consider. Get a Head Start Depending on the size of your building, a commercial move can require a lot of navigation.

3 Tips To Work With Movers And Stay Organized For A Long Distance Move

Moving a long distance can feel overwhelming since you can't easily return to your previous home to grab something you left behind. With the finality of a long-distance move, there's a lot to focus on to ensure that you arrive at your new home with confidence that your items are transported safely. If you've chosen to work with professional movers and are curious about what's done to move your belongings, consider the following tips to reduce some of the stress of moving.

How To Use Moving Services In A Stress-Free Manner

If you're looking to move to a new home and have a bunch of stuff, hiring movers is a great way to avoid stress and heavy lifting. You'll just need to do a couple of things when using these moving services in order to have a stress-free experience.  Make Sure the Moving Company is Reliable You want to avoid problems during this move, and that is possible if you make sure you hire a moving company that's reliable.

Three Reasons Why You Should Still Hire Piano Movers When You Move an Upright Piano

When you think about piano movers and moving pianos, you probably picture a couple of big, burly guys lifting a grand piano or baby grand up and out of a space. You may even envision the old cartoon scene of hoisting a piano in or out of a window that is several stories up. While it is certainly a necessity to hire piano movers for these massive (and often very expensive!

Nothing Left Behind: Important Things To Remember Before You Move

Relocating can be a challenging process, but proper planning, organization, and cleaning can make it a bit easier. You may already understand the struggles involved with your move, so you may forget important errands, belongings, and documents. If you are starting the moving process, make sure to use these tips to avoid forgetting necessities and leaving important items behind. Run Errands If you are like most individuals, you run multiple errands around town during the week.

Four Things That Can Stall Your Move Out Process

If you are planning on moving in the near future, you might be dreading the process. By putting off planning for your move, you can actually make things harder on yourself. Here are four things that might stall your move out process and how to avoid them. 1. Not Scheduling Movers in Advance If you are having a hard time picking the best day for your big move, you may be postponing calling a moving company.

How To Pack Books For Long Term Storage

If you are a bibliophile, you probably own tons of books. This can be a huge problem if you decide that you need to travel for work for a little while or need to move into a small apartment right after college. You might not know what to do with all of your books. Luckily, it is relatively easy for you to put them in self-storage without them being damaged. Here are some tips for making sure that, when you go to retrieve your books after getting a house with space for a library, they are still in great condition.

7 Tricks To Help Simplify Moving

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 35.9 million people moved from one residence to another in 2012 to 2013. Moving can be a time-consuming task, but is often necessary for a variety of reasons. If you are planning to move soon, here are some tricks you can use to make it easier for you and your family. Dispose of 10 items daily. In the week leading up to your move, try tossing 10 items you and your family no longer use.

4 Self Storage Mistakes To Avoid

If you are planning to store many of your belongings in a storage unit to declutter your home, you are going to want to store your items in the safest way possible. When you store your belongings in the right way, you are going to better protect your belongings and ensure that you are able to find things easily. In order to do this, you will want to avoid these four common mistakes people make with their self storage: 

Follow These Tips When Storing Your Refrigerator

If you have an extra refrigerator you don't currently need, or are in the process of a big move, you might need to store it in a self-storage unit. While these units provide a great place to hold the refrigerator until you need it, it might not work right if you don't store it properly. Clean it Out Thoroughly Cleaning the refrigerator inside and out is one of the most important things to do when you plan on storing it.